Enza’s Virtual Communications

By: Chelsea Poore, Marketing Coordinator

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world is looking a little different right now. Many of us are still getting used to everchanging health regulations and policies that have been put in place to protect the public and wondering when things will get back to normal, whatever they may be. Just like the adjustments we are making in our everyday lives, Enza Financial had to adjust to the way they do business also.

When the country began to shut down, and in-person meetings were no longer appropriate, Enza was faced with two key challenges: (1) how to keep retirement plan participants and committees engaged, and (2) how to quickly shift to a virtual communication environment. While everything was uncertain about the world around us, and due to the ever-growing contagion fear levels surrounding us, every client seemingly expressed a different comfort level regarding in-person contact. Whether clients were comfortable coming in for a meeting wearing a mask or preferred using virtual tools, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, to communicate, Enza quickly tailored meetings to accommodate their clients.

One solution implemented by Enza was establish a Zoom Room.  Zoom Rooms are a software-based room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing. The Zoom Room was used to permit remote attendees to join a meeting, from their desktop, laptop, or a mobile device.  The Zoom Room allowed a seamless transition to virtual communications with plan participants and investment committees

In addition to implementing a Zoom Room, Enza immediately established a toll free participant call line (1-866-ENZA-401) to streamline the multitude of participant calls received during the initial COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent market reaction.  The 1-866 number provided participants with a single number they could use to contact Enza to discuss their fears, accounts, and investment strategy with a licensed registered representative.

After the initial wave of participant calls came in, Enza advisors recognized the common themed questions and concerns. As a result, Enza set out to think of ways to address these common concerns and ultimately created a series of monthly webinars to help participants focus on their long-term retirement goals and to try to mitigate an emotional response by those in panic about the short-term market reaction.. These monthly webinars became an efficient way to discuss current issues, deliver market updates and relevant industry information, and provide educational sessions to communicate with clients and participants more effectively. Enza is now able to reach more people than ever before by moving meetings to a virtual environment. After seeing the success achieved from their webinars, they are now offering clients the option of conducting meetings, investment reviews, and employee communications virtually, as well.

Not knowing how the pandemic will pan out, virtual communications has now become Enza’s primary strategy to engage plan sponsors and their participants. A more virtual world is here to stay with or without COVID-19. If you have any questions about your retirement or would like to speak to someone at Enza Financial about any concerns, please feel free to reach them by calling 1-866-ENZA-401.