Fostering Talent from Within

Enza Special Announcement

We are excited to announce that a key member of Enza Financial, Andrew Cate, has moved from the retirement space into a marketing and production role. Andrew is being rewarded for all of his hard work and dedication by being promoted into the Magnet program. This program, which is designed to provide education, structure, training, and support for young professionals, is the next step as Andrew continues to further his already stellar career.

“I began at Enza almost 6 years ago, where I immediately worked on my life insurance license. I began working on that side of the business, while also completing projects in our 401(k) advisory. After two years, I decided to strictly work on 401(k)’s, doing everything from account management to implementations, conversions, prospecting, RFP’s, and fee reviews (amongst other tasks). It was a great way to learn many aspects of the 401(k) world very quickly. Of course, it also helped that I have really great co-workers that are extremely knowledgeable to answer all of the complex questions I ran into,” says Andrew. All of this experience allowed him to build many great relationships, not only with clients, but also with the carriers and centers of influence. In doing all of the above, Andrew has built a very solid foundation in order to take on this new endeavor.

While continuing to further his current relationships, establish new ones, and most importantly help those in the community pursue financial well-being, Andrew is very optimistic about his future at Enza. “I am really looking forward to bringing new people to Enza Financial to show them how we may have a positive impact on their lives, both personally and for their businesses. What we do for our clients is very important, but it is also very comprehensive and potentially challenging to many. Our clients look to us for guidance on what they should be doing, and this is something our firm excels at.” All in all, Enza is extremely proud of this next step in Andrew’s career, and are very much looking forward to what his future will hold.