Linda Cahill on the Opportunities for Women in Financial Advisory

Linda Cahill, co-owner and principal of Enza Financial, challenges the notion that men are best suited for the insurance industry. When it comes to the financial services sector, she believes the market for women is huge — and hopes to see more women bring their skills and talents to the industry.

Linda’s Path to Success in Financial Services

Linda’s career in insurance shares a common thread with many success stories: she had a mentor to guide her. Initially, Linda worked as an administrative assistant for her mentor, Joe Crea. Today, they are partners at Enza.

While working her way through college, Linda accepted the position at Enza. The company was very young, she was hungry to learn, and Joe was willing to teach her. She took anything off of his plate that she could, including underwriting and technical work. She put her college career on hold to get her CLU and ChFC, then finished college and started climbing the ranks.  

“I slowly got into sales,” Linda says. “First in the long-term disability market. And then I started working in the non-qualified executive benefits arena. I had a very strong technical expertise.” Linda was able to leverage her knowledge and success and move into a partnership role with Joe.

Today, she uses her experience to mentor others. She calls it “real-life work mentoring.” And for the last three years, she’s worked with a new financial advisor at Enza.

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