Critical Relief During a Critical Time

Elevated Insights with Marc Cadin, CEO AALU/GAMA – 5.31.2020

Nearly 40 million Americans have lost their jobs and 40 percent of those who make less than $40,000 became unemployed through no fault of their own. This is our economic reality and I believe Congress will enact additional legislation to provide critical relief during this critical time.

We as a profession are also serving a critical role during this unprecedented time.

According to ACLI:

More than 90 million American families rely on life insurance protection, disability income insurance, supplemental coverage, annuities, retirement plans, and long-term care insurance.

Life insurers pay out $2.1 billion every day to Americans. By comparison, Social Security pays $2.7 billion every day.

Nearly one-third of small business owners have life insurance with cash values they can use for liquidity needs, if needed, to keep their businesses open in times of crisis.AALU/GAMA advocacy Ambassadors are connecting members like you with members of Congress to share the human side of the policies we advocate for. Congress needs to hear from you and your clients as they consider additional legislative action. Please contact AVP of Political Affairs Josh Caron for more information on how you can get involved.
As we work together to provide greater financial security for Americans, don’t forget to engage with the AALU/GAMA resources available to help you and your business today.

Stay safe. God bless.
– Marc