Healthy, Wealthy, and Whys Podcast: Series on Stress Episode 4

In this episode, we welcome back our guest speaker, Keri Abel, Health & Wellness Coach at Precision Environmental and Owner of Balanced Fit Health. Keri shares how we can change the stress in our lives with exercise. She discusses why physical activity is a stress reliever, creative and safe ways to exercise during COVID, and much more!

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Balanced Fit Health is just the begging of Keri’s experience.  After 16 years and countless hours spent with clients and in the gym she changed gears and transitioned into corporate wellness.  Now she  works for a nationally leading construction company overseeing health and wellness initiatives for employees and their families in both the offices and field. 

Battling with image challenges her entire life she’s learned that a healthy relationship with food, the gym and a healthy mental state has made for a pretty successful program for herself and her clients. 

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