M Financial

The Power of M

Enza Financial is proud to be a Member Firm of M Financial for over 30 years. Owned by its members, M Financial Group is one of the nation’s leading financial service companies trusted by ultra-affluent individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Backed by the power of M, our clients have exclusive access to services and products with a select group of carriers that are unavailable through traditional channels. Our relationship with M Financial allows us to deliver innovative products and customized solutions to meet the needs and goals of our clients. Simply stated, our clients have the power of choice.


M Center of Excellence

From its inception in 1978, M Financial Group has been a community of client advocacy, sharing, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Now, M Financial will be a leader in health advocacy with the creation of the M Center of Excellence. Together, with The American College, the M Center will deploy a multidisciplinary approach to become a pivotal link between research being done in the medical sciences (gerontology, genetic markers, preventative medicine, and healthy lifestyles) and the life insurance industry (product development, underwriting, reinsurance, and client advocacy).

The M Center will redefine the role of the life insurance industry by serving as a global advocate for health; connecting the interests of clients, the objectives of the life insurance industry, and the rapidly emerging medical advances designed to predict and enhance longevity. By bringing together leaders from diverse companies and institutions including healthcare insurers, pharmaceutical companies, leading medical institutions, and medical equipment manufacturers, we will innovate with an aligned perspective – a vested interest in the outcome of a healthier society.

Enza Financial is proud to be an M Center of Excellence donor.

Source: M Financial Group, “M Center of Excellence, Becoming a Founding Member”
MHS File #0975-2017