Plan Design Consulting

In the world of retirement plans, only one thing seems certain: change is constant. Over the last decade, Congress has burdened plan sponsors with an overwhelming volume of legislation, making continual review of retirement plans essential. It is critical that the legal and design aspects of a plan are current.

While legislation dictates uniformity for certain plan features, recent changes in law are aimed at increasing employee participation and restoring some of the incentives and benefits previously lost by plan sponsors.

To provide you confidence, we review the design and operational features of your company’s plan with an unbiased perspective, while focusing on:

  • Increasing employee deferral limits
  • Increasing employer plan contribution deduction limits
  • Developing plan designs to help maximize savings
  • Improving employee communication and educational content
  • Monitoring all compliance requirements on an annual basis
  • Managing conversion and transition processes

Our knowledgeable team can guide you through these hurdles.

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