Our Mission + Values

Our Mission

As trusted advisors, we care about your future and help provide you and your loved ones financial independence.


Help First

Deeply Understand The Business

Problem Solvers

Power of M


Enthusiastic Givers
We believe in a generous spirit of giving and doing so with a cheerful heart. We volunteer as a team in many charitable events each year to include renovating homes thru Habitat for Humanity, distributing food to the needy and gathering warm coats for those who do not have them. In addition, each team member receives an extra day off to volunteer to their organization of choice.
Never-Ending Solutions
With today’s constant changes, our ownership in M Financial is critical in helping us stay up to date with legislation and education to advise our clients on current matters. We believe in continuous learning. Educational requirements are part of each team member’s annual goal which includes ideas to save time and money.
Zealous Service
By zealous, we mean: passionate, fervent, committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic. To us, good service is not enough—it is the attitude that makes the difference. Our service preempts our clients needs and we strive to exceed expectations—in all ways. We continuously work to provide added value to our clients whether it is hosting seminars on topics that may be helpful to them or thoughtful personalized service like handwritten thank you notes.
Always Accountable
We believe that strong character means when you make a commitment, you live by it. As humans, at times we will fail, but we will admit it, make it right, move forward and take responsibility. We strive to keep our promises. This is built into our culture by adhering to deadlines and establishing quarterly goals for each of our team members.