Who We Are


Entrust in and rely on a family of experts dedicated to achieving your goals

“Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller
Enza Financial is committed to building and sustaining long-term relationships by providing bottom-line, value-driven programs for executive benefits, retirement planning, investments and insurance needs.

Our Mission and Values

Joe Crea

Founder || President
Joe Crea is a man of tradition and order, taking pride in bringing family and communities together.
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Linda Cahill

Co-Owner || Principal
Linda Cahill is a natural-born leader, full of life, energy and laughter that has the ability to brighten anyone’s worst day.
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Denise Bandsuh

Underwriting Account Manager
Denise Bandsuh is warmhearted, genuine, and always willing to help.
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Andrew Cate

Account & Project Manager
Andrew Cate is a natural-born leader who talks the talk and walks the walk.
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Scott Fischer

Senior Investment Consultant
As the Debater, Scott Fischer is quick to defend opposing perspectives in order to better understand and achieve a better sense of others' reasoning.
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Diane Hackman

Diane Hackman is compassionate and energetic, seeing the world with endless opportunities.
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Chelsea Poore

Marketing Coordinator
Chelsea Poore is as enthusiastic as she is hard-working. She attacks new challenges with a smile on her face and is always looking to get ahead of the next marketing trend.
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Dustin Ilko

Case Design Analyst
Dustin Ilko is a true idealist, always finding the good in the worst of people and situations.
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Mary Johnson

Executive Assistant
Mary values strong and compassionate relationships, often caring for others needs or advising solutions and dismissing her own.
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Kiowa Speck

Senior Retirement Consultant
Kiowa Speck is dedicated and consistently over-delivers when achieving a goal.
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Our Team

Our team always strives to deliver high quality offerings through our core values:

  • Enthusiastic Givers
  • Never-Ending Solutions
  • Zealous Service
  • Always Accountable


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Our Story

Nearly fifty years ago we dug our roots in the financial industry with a client-focused mentality and passion to help provide financial security to our clients primarily utilizing insurance solutions. In order to better serve the changing needs of clients in today’s dynamic business environment, we, Enza Financial, have evolved into a full-service provider for retirement plans, life insurance, executive benefits and wealth management.

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Community Involvement

As a small business, we recognize the power we have to make a difference together beginning with giving back with intention. This means not only within our local community and nonprofit organizations, but also amongst each other, clients, prospects, and thriving business professionals that are searching for their opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.


The M Advantage


We are an M Financial Firm

In 1978, four visionaries came together to form M Financial Group with an idea that clients with better experience characteristics deserved access to better pricing.

Life insurance carriers at the time used delivery systems and products that helped them retain the value created by the most profitable policies, instead of returning it to those clients who helped create it.

So M Financial was established with a new distribution network of entrepreneurial Member Firms. Working together with select carriers, we created better products for affluent clients and distributed them through this exclusive network of Member Firms.

In the decades since, M Financial has cultivated an exclusive community of Member Firms across the U.S., in the U.K., and in the UAE, and have expanded our solutions beyond life insurance to include Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Annuities, Corporate Benefits, Wealth Management, and International Insurance Solutions.

Enza Financial is proud to be a Member Firm since 1985.

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