Our Team

Joe Crea

Founder || President
Joe Crea is a man of tradition and order, taking pride in bringing family and communities together.
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Linda Cahill

Co-Owner || Principal
Linda Cahill is a natural-born leader, full of life, energy and laughter that has the ability to brighten anyone’s worst day.
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Scott Fischer

Principal || Director of Wealth Management
As the Debater, Scott Fischer is quick to defend opposing perspectives in order to better understand and achieve a better sense of others' reasoning.
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Christine Millen

A natural born leader, Christine embodies the perfect blend of charisma and confidence.
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Denise Bandsuh

Underwriting Account Manager
Denise Bandsuh is warmhearted, genuine, and always willing to help.
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Diane Hackman

Diane Hackman is compassionate and energetic, seeing the world with endless opportunities.
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Dylan McKeon

Operations Specialist
Intellectually curious with a deep-seated thirst for knowledge, Dylan is driven by an intense desire to master any topic that piques his interest.
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Mary Johnson

Executive Assistant
Mary values strong and compassionate relationships, often caring for others needs or advising solutions and dismissing her own.
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Mike Rinaldi

Retirement Plan Consultant
A man of tradition and order, Mike follows through on his commitments and takes pride in the trust that he earns from his clients.
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Katie Reed

Operations Manager
Katie Reed is outgoing, fiercely loyal and always strives to continue to grow both personally and professionally.
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Kiowa Speck

Senior Retirement Consultant
Kiowa Speck is dedicated and consistently over-delivers when achieving a goal.
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